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Air Conditioning

There are many factors in a home that affect the type of air conditioning system that should select and the way it should be installed. Our expertise in cooling repair or installs is backed by 30 years of experience helping Boise and the surrounding areas Families stay cool and comfortable all summer long.


Heating needs vary from home to home. Whether you’re interested in heating repair or replacing your existing natural gas or electric heating equipment, you can count on our years of knowledge and experience at Trusted Heating & Air to keep you and your family warm through the winter months.


Indoor Air Quality

For a more advanced approach to improving indoor air quality, consider the installation of an electronic air cleaner, media filter, or purification and scrubbing system. With the services offered by our installation professionals here at Trusted Heating and Air you can use a wide variety of air quality to remove pollutants from the air that you breathe.


Exclusive Member Discounts

Save 15% on all repairs and cleanings as well as 50% on dispatch and diagnostic fees, and a discounted rate for multiple-system service membership agreements.


Priority Service

Our members will also receive fast, priority scheduling for repair, and installation calls.


Schedule Reminders

Members will have easier scheduling for your regular system service appointments.



Your Satisfaction Guarantee:

Satisfaction Guarantee must be claimed within 90 days of the installation date. The work needing addressed has to be performed by Trusted Heating & Air, No Exceptions. This guarantee applies to all of the equipment installed. It cannot be used for just a portion of the installation. For example, if we install a furnace, air conditioner, and humidifier, we will not offer to work on the ducting or anything we did not originally do for the install in question.

Trusted Performance Guarantee:

The Trusted Performance Guarantee does not guarantee temperatures will be exact in each room. It only guarantees the desired temperatures at the thermostat. Additional modifications may be required at additional costs to maintain a specific temperature in a specific room of your home. The designed temperatures we guarantee to maintain will be listed on the proposal before the job begins. 

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Over 30 Years of Experience as Your Trusted Heating & Air Company in the Boise Area

People start companies for all sorts of reasons security, financial freedom, and family legacy just to name a few. This company was built to help others. With so many things going on in this world today we decided to start our Heating & Air company to give back to our community, yes as much as 10% of our net profit will be given to great charities that will help those in our community here in Boise and the surrounding areas. This is no joke and something we are very proud of.

Trusted Heating & Air – Customer Reviews

Great job John… you are the best tech in the valley, thank you for all your helpful tips on the operation of my moms system. Also thank you for caring for the elderly community and not taking advantage of my mom. I will never use anyone else to take care of my family and will tell everyone I know about you and your company!!!!!!
Bonnie Peterson

The team over there at Trusted Heating & Air are all great to deal with and they have great prices. My family just moved here and had an issue with our furnace that another company quoted 3 times the price to fix that Trusted took care of me for a more than fair price. I will never use anyone else…

Sid W.

Excellent service!! My technician, Derrick was knowledgeable, very professional and friendly. He answered all my questions and explained everything he did so I could understand. I would definitely recommend Trusted Heating & Air.
Terri K.

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