Heater Repair

Heating system repair, maintenance or replacement.

Is your heating system giving you the cold shoulder?

If so, we would be happy to help, with your heater repair needs. Whether you are needing repairs, servicing, an upgrade, or even a system replacement, you can trust our experts to address the issues quickly and thoroughly restore your system back to safe operation.

Heater Repair

It can get awfully chilly—even downright cold—in our wonderful Treasure Valley. We’ll help you stay warm.

When you are in need of furnace repairs, Trusted Heating & Air has highly trained technicians that promise to provide a thorough evaluation of your entire heating system to find the root of your system’s problems.

Based on the findings and our expert technicians’ thorough evaluation, we will make recommendations and discuss your options so we can get your system heating and operating safely again. Idaho’s winters can be very cold, and you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality of repairs to get your family comfortable again and your system operating safely.

Service & Safety Inspections

If you’re just looking to ensure that your homes heating system is working well on a daily basis and your family is comfortable throughout Idaho’s fall and winter seasons, then you need to make sure you call for one of our routine Trusted Heating service inspection visits. These comprehensive 39-point service and safety inspection is not merely a luxury, but a necessity. A professional Heating System Service has numerous benefits, including but not limited to improved performance, energy efficiency improvements, system longevity, and a more worry-free winter operation. Call Trusted Heating and Air today when you want to get started.

Heating System Install

Heating systems can wear out over time and when they do, if they can no longer be serviced, or repaired. If this has happened to your heating system, or if it’s just time to upgrade due to high energy bills, Trusted Heating & Air is the right company to call for heater repair.

Our expert and extensively trained technicians will listen to you and evaluate your system and your home’s needs to help determine the right solution that fits your budget and needs. We know all of the latest industry products and materials and can help your home get back that comfort that you deserve in your home.

After installation, Trusted Heating and Air will take the time to explain everything to you because no installation is complete without a thorough introduction to your new system.