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Regularly servicing your HVAC system is the Best Care for Your Heating & Air

Did you know it typically costs less to have your HVAC equipment serviced rather than to repair it? Yet, 90% of breakdowns occur because your HVAC system didn’t receive the TLC it needs. Shocked? You’re not alone.

As HVAC experts, we know servicing your system is essential. But we realize many of our customers may not. So, we make it effortless for you to keep a close watch on your furnaces and air conditioner’s overall health with our Trusted Membership services. From an AC service in the foothills of Boise to a heating service in Melba, our Trusted System Membership services are designed to keep units in tip-top shape to help homeowners attain endless comfort, maximize their investment and more.

Regular AC Services

With an AC system service, we’ll keep you cool and comfortable—and your AC system well cared for. From fixing faulty parts to topping off your AC refrigerant, our technicians will give your AC the royal service treatment it needs to operate at its optimum performance and efficiency. It’s time to certify your unit will beat the heat!

Regular Heating Services

Heat up your heating system’s performance by giving it the TLC it needs. When you schedule a heating system service with us, our professional technicians will do a thorough examination on your heating system inside and out to unearth and then properly address any issues that may come up in the future so you can take comfort in a heating system that operates like new.


What’s the Benefit of Servicing your system with Trusted Heating and Air? Where do we even begin? Beyond the simple fact that your home’s energy will run more efficiently year-round, there’s the peace of mind knowing that your family will feel comfortable no matter the temperatures outside. Here are some other benefits:


Exclusive Member Discounts

In addition to prolonging the safety and performance of your HVAC system, Trusted Heating & Air Advantage Plan members save 15% on all repairs and cleanings as well as 50% on dispatch and diagnostic fees, and a discounted rate for multiple-system service membership agreements.


Priority Service

Trusted Heating & Air’s Service Plan members will also receive fast, priority scheduling for repair and installation calls. While membership does not cover the cost of “as-needed” repair work, it does provide members with special price breaks.

Schedule Reminders

Trusted Heating & Air service plan membership makes it easy to schedule your regular system service appointments. We’ll call to remind you when it’s time for your visit and we’ll work our technicians’ arrival around your busy schedule.

Prolong the Life Expectancy of your Equipment

While the Trusted Heating & Air’s Service Membership is designed to maximize the efficiency of your home heating and AC system, it also allows our expert technicians to pinpoint potential concerns before they turn into major repairs, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Cleaner, Healthier Air

With state-of-the-art technology and scheduled equipment services from Trusted Heating & Air, we are able to ensure that you’re breathing fresh, clean air and touching germ-free surfaces year-round. From air filtration to air purification, Trusted Heating is equipped to improve your indoor air quality if needed.

What to Expect With Our Membership Services

Trusted Heating & Air Service Membership Plan is designed to make it easier for you—and your budget—to keep your HVAC unit in tip-top shape.

If You Are Ready to Protect Your Health, Comfort, and Peace of Mind?

Don’t delay. Reserve your Trusted Heating & Air Service Membership today!

Excellent service!! My technician, Derrick was knowledgeable, very professional and friendly. He answered all my questions and explained everything he did so I could understand. I would definitely recommend Trusted Heating & Air.
Terri K.

Semi-Annual Membership Services

This is a semi-annual Service program that is ideal for anyone who owns an HVAC system or for those suffering from allergies, asthma or respiratory problems.

Starting at $149 / year

Our Two Cents’ and Tips

At Trusted Heating & Air, we strive to deliver optimal comfort while reducing energy use and limiting your carbon footprint. In addition, our technicians are always happy to discuss system safety and performance issues when you call or email our Boise area HVAC company.

Membership Services Can Prolong the Life of Your Heating & Cooling System

To improve the lifespan of your HVAC equipment, consider the following tips:

Don’t Ignore HVAC problems – Heating and cooling problems can lead to unsafe situations and should never be left unaddressed. To safeguard your home, family members, and guests, please schedule regular seasonal Service checks for all of your HVAC systems. If you smell gas before a technician arrives, never touch electrical switches or pick up your telephone. Instead, evacuate the property and contact your local fire department and gas supplier. Then give us a call for help if you need us.

Take Carbon Monoxide Safety Seriously – As an odorless, virtually undetectable gas, carbon monoxide causes a myriad of health problems—from respiratory issues and headaches to dizziness and even death. To protect from carbon monoxide poisoning, install high-quality carbon monoxide detectors and test or replace them regularly (according to manufacturer specifications.) If your carbon monoxide detector alarm goes off, leave the property and contact the fire department or gas supplier immediately. Then remember if there is a need for a qualified HVAC provider just give us a call, we would be more than happy to help you and your family.

Improve the air quality you breathe – Regular HVAC filter changes improve equipment performance and prevent particulates and bacteria from entering your ventilation system. Choose high-quality filters to lower energy bills and maintain equipment integrity. You may also purchase an air filtration system and whole-house humidifier to optimize your indoor environment. UV and germicidal lights kill harmful bacteria, and appropriate moisture levels improve respiratory conditions. Your Trusted Heating & Air technician can assess your indoor air quality and recommend products that affordably achieve your objectives.

Keep duct system clean – For many Boise area’s residents, indoor air quality is important to overall health. Asthma and allergy sufferers should schedule regular duct cleaning to remove offending dust, debris, and particulates. Proper ventilation system cleaning includes ducting, registers and HVAC equipment, and should always be conducted by a trained indoor air quality professional. Regular duct cleaning can also keep your HVAC system running more efficiently and affordably.

Utilize Programmable Thermostats – Trusted Heating & Air provides affordable, intuitive thermostats that are easy-to-read and simple to program—and we can train you to use them! Proper thermostat use reduces energy waste—and can help you save hundreds each year on utilities.